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Professional technical team

As a professional branded PC company, we are well aware of the risks and hazards that can come with computers made of various cheap components, as well as the poor service experience that can result. Therefore, IPASON is committed to providing high quality, stable computer products, select high-quality components and accessories, and strive to bring users a better experience and service guarantee.

IPASON comprehensive warranty service

From the 1-year warranty to the top-of-the-line components, our gaming computers deliver a worry-free experience. Our wonderful support team is the team's therapist.

1 year warranty
Permanent technical support, configuration upgradesand consulting services

Frequently Asked Questions

Insufficient hard disk capacity

Before shipping the computer, we will partition the solid-state drive. SSD part itioning helps organize files and separates user data from system data, preventing the systematic disk from becoming full and system rendering inoperable. Additionally, storage partitioning can make backing up easier. We recommend that you do not save all files and data to Disc C for it is serve as a systematic disk. Please be aware of changing the default save location if one of the disks is almost full.

Monitor refresh rate settings

1. Select Start > Settings > System > Display > Advanced display.
2. Find "Select Refresh Rate" and select the desired refresh rate. The refresh rate displayed depends on whether your monitor supports it. Select laptops and external displays will support higher refresh rates.

Automatic boot into BIOS

Try the solutions below:
1. Look for the BOOT option in BIOS and find Launch CSM setting (CSM means compatibility mode, its motherboard settings require to be enabled to boot Windows properly), set it to Enabled (Enabled).
2. Look for the Security option in the BIOS and find the Secure Boot Control setting and set it to Disabled.
3. Save and reboot with F10.